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    The BRIDGESTONE ECOPIA-215/60/16 is a high-quality, eco-friendly tire designed for mid-size vehicles. Manufactured by BRIDGESTONE, this model offers exceptional performance and durability while also promoting fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. With a size of 215/60/16, this tire is suitable for various driving conditions and provides a smooth and comfortable ride for drivers. Upgrade your vehicle's tires with the BRIDGESTONE ECOPIA-215/60/16 for a reliable and eco-conscious driving experience.
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    The Bridgestone Ecopia-215/60/16 is a high-quality, eco-friendly tire designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride for drivers who prioritize fuel efficiency and sustainability. Manufactured by Bridgestone, a trusted name in the tire industry known for their innovative technology and superior performance, this tire model is perfect for eco-conscious drivers who want to reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing performance.

    The Bridgestone Ecopia-215/60/16 features advanced tread patterns and compounds that are specifically engineered to improve fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance. This means that drivers can enjoy cost savings at the pump while also reducing CO2 emissions. In addition to its eco-friendly design, this tire offers excellent handling and traction on both wet and dry road surfaces, providing a safe and smooth driving experience.

    Whether you are commuting to work, running errands around town, or embarking on a road trip adventure, the Bridgestone Ecopia-215/60/16 is a reliable and durable tire that will enhance your driving experience. With its long-lasting tread life and superior performance, this tire is a great investment for drivers who want to lower their environmental impact without compromising on quality. Upgrade to the Bridgestone Ecopia-215/60/16 and experience the perfect combination of eco-friendliness, performance, and durability on the road.
    • Size: 215/60/16
    • Type: All-season
    • Tread depth: 9/32 inches
    • Tire weight: 22 lbs
    • Load index: 95
    • Speed rating: H
    • Construction: Radial
    • Traction: A
    • Temperature: B
    • Treadwear: 500
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